Chrome 3-Wege-Wasserhahn
Chrome 3-Wege-WasserhahnChrome 3-Wege-WasserhahnChrome 3-Wege-WasserhahnChrome 3-Wege-Wasserhahn

Chrome 3-Wege-Wasserhahn


3 Wege Armatur, 3 Wege Wasserhahn Küche, 3 Wege Wasserhahn Umkehrosmose, 3-Wege-Wasserhahn, 3in1 Wasserhähne, Drei-Wege-Küchenarmatur,Drei-Wege-Mischbatterie, Drei-Wege-Wasserhahn, Osmose Wasserhahn,
Installation: One hole counter top
Cartridge: Ceramic Valve
Surface: Matt Black
Materil: Brass
Chrome 3-Wege-Wasserhahn Chrome 3-Wege-Wasserhahn

Chrome 3-Wege-Wasserhahn

*3 Way Tap Dispenses Hot, Cold, and Filtered Water via a 3rd Lever
*Stylish modern design in Chrome finish
*Durable heavy duty Tap-uses ceramic valves
*Saves space and mess - no need for a seperate Drinking Water Tap or holes in the sink, just replace your current tap with this 3 Way Tap
*Easy to connect and replace your existing tap
*Solid Brass Construction
*Installation hole: 1 3/8"
*2x Flexible hoses to connect tap to current water pipe (3/8" fittings) / water filter
*Connects to 1/4" water filter pipe (standard sized pipe) & adapters are available for other sizes

Combine Of cold & hot water and Filter water , flow by seperated channel

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