HOS a famous brand Filter water faucet in china mainland.  We are committed to design and produce healthy, luxury design and enviromentally friendly filter water faucets .  We are aim to give consumers Personalized and suitable for their required products .  Anyway. we just do what's consumer want, we will solve what's consumer can not do. 
           Some consumer hope a faucet can dispense filter water and cold& hot water  in their kitchen, in a limited space, they do not want to a extra faucet on the counter top. No problem, please using HOS three way faucet. it dispense filter water and cold&hot water in seperate channel.
            If you want to a faucet can dispense filter water, sparkling water and cold&hot water, is ok, please use HOS 4 way faucets. 
            If you just want to a faucet for filter water and sparkling water, i think HOS two way faucet should be enough 
            If you want to a totally free lead single faucet for your filter water in kitchen,  yes, HOS Free metal single way filter water can achieve it
           No matter what's your problem, just tell me, we will help you solve it , it is our working